Snorkeling Koh Larn

Snorkeling Koh Larn

Snorkeling Koh Larn

Snorkeling is a popular activity. Because we get to see the strange scenery of the underwater world that is different from what we see in general. The snorkeling point of Koh Larn is at the front of Koh Sak.

Koh Sak is a small island. When taking a boat from Pattaya to the shore of Tawaen Beach, you will pass 2 small islands, Koh Krok and Koh Sak. There are people living on both islands. If you want to go snorkeling at Koh Sak, you can go from 2 places, 2 types which are

  1. Private boat charter from Bali Hai Peninsula or Koh Lan
  2. Buy join-in tours with others at Ko Lan Which is the most popular way for tourists, easy, economical and convenient Koh Larn dives are 3 times daily, 9.00 hrs. / 12.00 hrs. And 14.00 hrs., 3 hrs. Each time. You have to come to the boat at the pier in front of the house only 200 baht per person. Snorkeling, life jackets, lockers to store valuables, drinking water and staff on both the boat and in the water.

Snorkeling , We can go anywhere freely ,Tired then came to rest aboard ,Get tired again then go down, As you wish or to hang on the rope left by the boat for those who don’t swim well to be a shelter for comfort and safety

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