Si Racha Tiger Zoo

Si Racha Tiger Zoo

Si Racha Tiger Zoo

The Sriracha Zoo is located in Sri Racha about 30min/35km north of Pattaya and about 60min/97km from Bangkok. If you are travelling in Thailand with kids then you must visit this zoo. It’s a huge open zoo with lots of attractions such as the tiger show, pig racing, elephant show, crocodile show, elephant ride, elephant museum and a home of rare wild animals, such as single-humped camels, deer, ostriches and wallabies, up close. Enjoy the tiger feeding, fish feeding, crocodile feeding activities and get yourself clicked with huge Bengal tigers or their cubs for an extra charge.

The zoo claims a population of 200 tigers and around 10,000 crocodiles but I am not sure about it as I did not see so many of them around me. This is one place for families to enjoy quality time together. We enjoyed every single moment in this place despite many controversies and allegations attached to it.

Address: 341 Village No. 3, Si Racha District, Chonburi 20230
Opening : 08:00-17:30
Contact: +66 38 296 556

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