Sea Walker

Sea Walker

Sea Walker

The Sea Walker tour offers you a wonderful opportunity to walk on the seabed in a special helmet. It is even more interesting than a trip on a submarine, because you can not only watch but also touch!

A special helmet is connected to a tube with an oxygen compressor, which is located on the boat. You get oxygen through this tube during the whole walk. Thus, you can easily admire the underwater world without holding your breath and without closing your mouth and nose. Just imagine, you can walk under water for 20-25 minutes!

During the tour you can walk on the picturesque seabed near Koh Larn Island. Here you will see and even touch the corals and colorful fish at the bottom of the Gulf of Siam. The price of the Underwater sea walk in Pattaya also includes transfer, lunch and other activities on the island

Walking in a helmet is one of the safest ways to experience the underwater world. To do this, you do not need special skills or any certificates, only your desire and a positive attitude are needed.

Before diving, an instructor will help you to put on a helmet and explain to you how to behave underwater.

For security reasons, diving is only 5 meters deep underwater. There is also a special route on the seabed designated by ropes. So you will not get in holes or come across dangerous species during Under sea walking in Pattaya. The service is of high quality. At our website you will find the best offers for Underwater Sea Walk in Pattaya. Enjoy your sea walk, take beautiful photos and get unforgettable impressions!

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