Pattaya Travel Guide

Ko Lan

Tawaen Beach

Traveling to Ko Lan

You can take a ferry at Bali Hai Pier with fares at approximately 30-50 Baht per person. For those who want to go there rapidly, you can take a speed boat which costs a bit higher, approximately 250-400 Baht per person. Furthermore, fares for charter boat are around 2,500-3,000 Baht. Make sure to ask for the prices carefully. With regard to traveling in Ko Lan, it is recommended to rent a motorcycle (300 Baht per day) which is the most convenient way to go anywhere. However, for those who are unable to ride a motorcycle, there are minibuses available for service.

Sang Wan Beach

The beach is 750 meters long and situated at the north end of the island. The sand is dazzling white and the water is crystal clear. In addition, there are many restaurants and souvenir shops along the beach. For those who want to sit leisurely on the beach, beach chairs are available for service such as in Pattaya and Bang Saen Beach.

The Sanctuary of Truth

It is located at the end of Laem Ratchawet and is a wooden castle carved in Thai-style with four gable ends. This carving reflects the religion and philosophy. Its construction took 29 years to complete. The Sanctuary of Truth is open from 8.00-18.00 hrs. and tickets are 500 Baht per person. There are many interesting activities to do, such as

  • Horse riding, elephant riding, and horse carriage riding around the castle
  • ATV riding and speedboat
  • Demonstration of wood carving

For more information and details, please visit

Si Racha Tiger Zoo

For animal lovers who like to go to the zoo and watch shows performed by animals, please come and visit Si Racha Tiger Zoo where you will not be disappointed. It is not only the world’s biggest breeding place for royal Bengal tigers, but there are also other animals, such as crocodiles, elephants and pigs. However, the highlight here is the tiger show, which includes jumping through rings of fire and walking on two legs. If you want to approach the tigers, there is a photo service which will create a high sense of excitement. The tiger shows are shown in 3 rounds, at 11.00 hrs, 13.30 hrs., and 15.30 hrs. For those who are unable to watch the tiger show, you can spend your time by watching the crocodile show, elephant show, or pig show, which will also provide you enjoyment.

  • Open daily at 8.00-18.00 hrs.
  • For Thais, tickets for adults are 150 Baht and for children 75 Baht.
  • For foreigners, tickets for adults are 450 Baht and for children 250 Baht (available for all shows).
  • http:\\

Mini Siam

This is where you can see miniature city models that replicate significant places in Thailand and other countries, such as Democracy Monument, Phimai Stone Castle, Wat Phra Kaew, Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, and Statue of Liberty. It is recommended to visit when there is little sunshine with light breeze because it is extremely hot during afternoon.

Mini Siam is open daily from 7.00-21.00 hrs. Tickets for adults are 120 Baht and for children 60 Baht. Facebook

The Million Years Stone Park and Pattaya Crocodile Farm

It is located at Na Klua Beach which is approximately 4 kilometers from Sukhumvit Road. We assure you that it is not difficult to travel to since there are many signs to lead the way. The area of the park is more than 100 rai, and the stone park is 100-1,000 years old. These stones are situated along a beautiful park. Hence, there are many photo spots that will please you. Certainly, this place has a crocodile farm which arranges adventurous shows, such as fighting crocodiles with bare hands and putting head into the crocodile’s mouth. This place also allows you to ride the crocodile and take photos for memories. In addition to the crocodiles, there are also other kinds of animals, such as tigers, bears, elephant and zebras, and is regarded as a small zoo.

Open from 8.00-18.00 hrs. with tickets at 80 Baht

Pattaya Elephant Village

Traveling here is not difficult. From Central Pattaya, you should go to Sukhumvit 63 Alley, Noen Plub Wan Alley, for about 5 kilometers. Then, turn right and you will see the entrance of Elephant Village. It is one of the tourist attractions in Pattaya that has been open for service for a long time. Elephant Village has been established to protect and treat sick elephants. Additionally, it also provides demonstrations on taking care and washing elephants. The highlight of this place is riding the elephants while visiting the village which takes up to 3 hours and a half.

Art in Paradise

This three-dimensional museum is a popular tourist attraction that everyone who goes to Pattaya must come and see. The art work was created by a Korean artist named Shin Jae Yeol who created more than 140 three-dimensional paintings. Visitors usually take photos with these three-dimensional paintings which is such an enjoyable activity.

  • For foreigners, tickets are 400 Baht and for children 200 Baht (not over 130 cm tall)
  • For Thais, tickets are 200 Baht and for children 100 Baht (not over 130 cm tall)
  • Open daily from 09.00-22.30 hrs. (ticket sales is closed at 21.30 hrs.)

Tiffany Show and Alcazar Cabaret

It is a cabaret show that has been performed for a long time and popular with foreigners. There are various kinds of shows, including Thai traditional show and international show with the ladyboys who will provide lots of entertainment for the audience. These two shows are also located on Pattaya 2nd Road.


This place was an idea of Robert Ripley who liked to collect unusual objects around the world until he could gather and show them in a museum. For those who like to experience queer things, such as human head minimized to 3 inches, jewelry made from human hair, a man who has 4 eyes, and wax models, you should come and visit this place. Ripley is located at Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya on Pattaya Beach.

Walking Street

Regarding walking streets, Pattaya Walking Street is quite different from other places, as it does not have any local objects for sale. This place is the center of entertainment, such as pubs, bars, gogo and gay clubs. Most of the tourists are foreigners who are desirous of experiencing extreme entertainment. The Walking street is located in Southern Pattaya, where cars drive on during the daytime. However, the road will be closed from 18.00 hrs. onwards and cars are not allowed drive thro

Underwater World Pattaya

This place gathers numerous species of fish in a tunnel 105 meters long. Visitors can also touch the fish. In addition, there are feeding shows that is like a climax where schools of fish will congregate around the staff who provide fish feed.

Pattaya Park

The amusement park in the north of Jomtien Beach is outstanding with a 55-storey tower where you can see the view of Pattaya. The amusement park also consists of several rides and a water park with high water slides. Tickets for the tower are 100 Baht, and tickets for the rides are 150 Baht.

Go Kart

This go kart track is situated at Laem Bali Hai which is the pier to Ko Lan, and it is quite a big field. Those who like speed should not miss this.

Pattaya Floating Market

It is located on the Sukhumvit route which is not difficult to go to since there are signs to lead the way. The area of this floating market is more than 23 rai and divided into 4 zones or 4 regions: the northern, central, northeastern and southern regions. The idea, culture and way of life are applied to the design and decoration of the shops. This place contains numerous products to be purchased, such as souvenirs, clothes, traditional toys as well as popular objects in each region. Moreover, there are many restaurants for you to choose. For those who want to sit on a boat, there are boats available for service but it is quite hot.

Pattaya Dolphin World and Resort

This is the biggest place for dolphin shows in Pattaya, which showcases species consisting of finless porpoise and bottlenose dolphin. The dolphins will show their cleverness and intelligence that make them adorable in various forms. However, the highlight of this attraction is swimming closely with the dolphins, provided that the participants are over 4 years of age and able to swim. Pattaya Dolphin World does not only have dolphin shows, it also has several activities, such as shooting range, horse riding field, water park, cliff climbing, Thai art exhibition, shops and restaurants. As there are many activities, Pattaya Dolphin World is regarded as another place for the family.

Pattaya Dolphin World and Resort is situated on Sukhumvit Road which is a bit away from Pattaya Floating Market, and is open daily from 8.00-18.00 hrs. Tickets for adults are 300 Baht and for children 150 Baht.

Nongnooch Tropical Garden  

Big trees and flower gardens are arranged and decorated exquisitely, including rare plant species with many shows for tourists to appreciate, such as elephant show and Thai art and culture show, which are suitable for children to come and visit. Nongnooch Tropical Garden is located on Pattaya-Sattahip route.

Open daily from 8.00-17.00 hrs. Tickets for adults are 150 Baht and for children 75 Baht. Including the shows, tickets for adults are 250 Baht and for children 125 Baht.

Silverlake Vineyard

This vineyard owned by Khun Supansa Nuengpirom, a former actress, is next to Khao Chi Chan. It has a very good atmosphere, so there is no doubt why many television programs and dramas usually film here. In addition, the wine also has an excellent taste. For those who want to visit the vineyard with full satisfaction, it is recommended to tour the vineyard by car with driver who will take you to almost every corner of the vineyard for 50 Baht per person. On the other hand, you can just sit and watch the views while relaxing, because there is a restaurant that serves steaks and pizzas which are really delicious. Do not forget to purchase some products made from the grapes.


Mimosa is the city of love that makes you feel like you are in Palio, but its difference is the style of buildings. There are also general shops, restaurants and food court. Traveling here is not difficult since it is next to the Sukhumvit route and opposite the Ambassador Hotel.

The highlight is at nighttime. This place has a fountain show with numerous colors as well as performances similar to Tiffany Shows that focus on musicals about love. When the performance is over, you can take photos with the actors and actresses for approximately 20 Baht. The performance contains 3 rounds at 18.30 hrs., 19.45 hrs., and 21.00 hrs.

Mimosa is open daily from 10.00-22.00 hrs. Tickets for Thai adults are 150 Baht and half price for children between 90-120 cm tall. 

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