Pattaya Bus Terminals

Pattaya Bus Terminals

Pattaya Bus Terminals

Pattaya has three major bus stations but the one on Pattaya Nua or North Pattaya is probably the main one and the busiest.
It is not far from the junction with Sukhumvit Road and generally offers journeys between Pattaya and Bangkok. The terminal is air conditioned for customer comfort, ideal when having to wait on your bus.

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Unlike the vans that operate along similar routes, these larger buses utilise the highways and only stop at a couple of pre-arrange locations, which again, helps keep the journey time to a minimum.
Buses depart from Pattaya to one of three Bangkok terminals, namely Ekkamai, Morchit and Sai Tai Taling.

Buses run regularly from 04:30 till 23:00, departing roughly every 30 minutes or so. To travel, you simply go to the counter for your journey, buy a ticket and you will be placed on the next available bus.

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