Jump Off A Building Pattaya

Jump Off A Building Pattaya

Jump Off A Building Pattaya

Pattaya Park Tower is a local landmark in Pattaya. The building itself is advertised as Thailand’s first and tallest seaside tower and revolving restaurant.

The first highest seaside Tower and the Revolving Restaurant is located on the East Coast of Thailand provided with the Breathtaking View, Challenge Activities, The Observation decks on 55th floor where you can gaze at the beauty of Jomtien Bay and Pattaya City or enjoy the ultimate views and thrill on  Tower Jump, Speed shuttle and Sky Shuttle.

On the 52nd, 53rd and 54th floors, three revolving restaurants look out over the sea. Head to the 55th floor and you’ll find the Apex Observation. From here you can see Jomtien Bay and Pattaya City.

While the view from the top may be impressive, it’s the way down that is the most exciting. Your entrance fee includes the thrill of a lifetime, a cable jump from the top of the building. You can soar down 55 stories solo or with a friend wearing only a harness attached to a cable!

If you would rather not scream all the way down, you also have the option of taking a cable car which boasts impressive views of the sea.

Address: 345 Jomtien Beach 20150, Thailand
Contact: +66 38 364 129
Opening hours: 11:00-22:00

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