Habor Mall Pattaya

Harbor More Pattaya

Harbor More Pattaya

The Harbor Mall in Pattaya is one of the city’s newest shopping malls and activity centers.  The buildings 16 floors combine restaurants, shopping, activities, and office space.  It is also the only mall in Pattaya where you can find an ice skating rink and rock climbing gym. The wide range of family friendly activities is probably the biggest attraction for the Harbor Mall.

The mall’s location just east of 3rd Road and being centrally located on Pattaya Klang, means people no longer have to travel all the way to Beach Road to go shopping.  There is a large population of people that live outside the Pattaya tourist corridor that now have another option.

Shopping malls these days, no matter where, don’t provide enough real space for families. It is this observation that has led to the creation of the mega-fun shopping center. HARBOR PATTAYA is a new concept and the first in ASIA, endeavoring to create a happy atmosphere for all the members of the family, so that every day can be family day for you.

Location: Central Pattaya Road (East of 3rd Road) Near the Big C Extra
Hours: 10AM – 10PM
Website: http://www.harbor.co.th/index.php

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