Pattaya Festivals &  Events

Pattaya is something beauty more than the beach and sea scenes but it is also known as an entertained city with iconic festivals and events today that people for both Thais and travelers are waiting for throughout the years.

Give yourself a try to enjoy the wonderful festival with a great atmosphere and environment like this. This will make you a memorable experience that you’ll never forget. Don’t wait! Let’s find Pattaya information for Pattaya travel for planning your trip to join Pattaya festivals and events in Thailand from now on.

Popular  Festivals &  Events in Pattaya

International Fireworks Festival Pattaya

Do you love admiring the exciting night like fireworks? Don’t miss to join the Pattaya International Fireworks Festival at the end of November. You don’t only have a chance to see beautiful fireworks because there are parades, live music, concerts, traditional and contemporary dance, and the history of Thai King Rama Nine.

Maya Music Festival in Pattaya

Start from the beginning of the year for music lovers. Welcome the year and show your step out in MAYA Music Festival .This is the electronic dance music festival located on Maya Space. You’ll be amazed and entertained by international top EDM DJs and artists mixing with breathtaking scenes of sound, light, and stage on Pattaya beach.

Songkran & The Wan Lai Festival in Pattaya

Get splashing in cultural styles from Sonkran & The Wan Lai Festival in Pattaya. In Thailand, “Songkran”, we call it as Thai new year day and the water is the unique symbolic that means cleansing and refreshing like wash people from bad luck. Actually, they celebrate from April 13 to 15 every year. For the Wan Lai, it just a kind of extended day of this festival on April, 19 as the last day. The popular activity is traditional water fight, people will throw to each other by using water cannons and containers.

Wonderfruit  Festival Pattaya

For more Pattaya activities, enjoy the art, musical performance, and lifestyle festival in Wonderfruit Festival Pattaya at Siam Country Club. It’s not fruit festival as its name. It’s camp that you have to stay more than a night but it’s worth to take under the sustainable and environmental saving themes. There are the creative workshop to join such as yoga, Thai boxing, cooking Thai food, wood craving, etc.